Lisa and Brandon are witty and fun loving, and being in restaurant management, food was important to them. They feel in love with the history and electric vibes at Cohen's Retreat. Their ceremony was held at Whitfield Square and then trolleys brought guests to Cohen's for dinner and dancing!

the fine details


Designing a wedding is not a small job. It takes creativity, boldness and an eye for detail. The truth is, every single detail of your wedding will contribute to the overall look and feel of your wedding. Details such as the color of your plates, the texture of your flowers and the shape of your chairs are all important pieces of a puzzle which together will create the overall aesthetic.
Knowing this, couples often feel overwhelmed the first time go tour venues.  There are so many possibilities! 
One great thing about working with an established wedding planner, is we not only know the venues, their logistics, and rules, but we can walk you through the venues and tell you exactly how things can be laid out, giving you a less daunting experience all the way through.  We understand the logistical elements of wedding day set up, onsite floral installations, rental deliveries and so forth.
We know all of the rental companies and what types of inventory they carry - saving you hours of research in finding who has what.

If you want boho, we will recommend vendors that can help give us that look. 
If you want whimsical, we will guide in ways to get that vibe.
If you want classic southern, well that is our signature style!

Whatever you choose, we are here to give you a wedding day that you are proud of and that your guests will be surprised by.

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Every wedding is different, and that is truly one of our favorite things about wedding planning!  The fine details are the nuts and bolts of a well-planned wedding - small touches that make for the most personal of affairs. From chair adornments to photo booths, these moments are what make each wedding so very personal and share part of the bride and groom with their distinguished guests. 

Let us be a part of those details. We will help you pull together parts of your unique love story, family heritage and personal vibes to create the perfect wedding day for you and your guests!

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