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July 29, 2022

Brendan Torpey of Shaken & Stirred Mixology is a master of cocktails and mocktails for all events. The team at Shaken & Stirred Mixology works with the client to create the beverages for any party. They bring absolutely everything for the bar and the fun; you provide the space and the guests.

Brendan of Shaken and Stirred Mixology
Shaken & Stirred Mixology brings the drinks and the fun at HollyOaks on the Marsh!


One of the things people look forward to at weddings and special events is an open bar. Quite often that open bar includes just beer and wine, but recently Brides and Grooms have opted for a specialty cocktail or two. Brendan and his team meet with the couple and create cocktails just for them!  Do you want to honor a loved one who could not attend? Name a cocktail for him/her.  Do you want to make sure you have your favorite cocktail at the ready all night long? Make it your signature drink! Are your fur babies precious to you?  Name your cocktails and mocktails for them! Your cocktails can be as unique and fun as you are.

Brendan shares the recipes of two of his favorite cocktails for anyone to try at home. For the coffee lovers, he has the Bourbon Espresso Martini. This martini is a perfectly balanced boozy pick-me-up and shows how they give innovative twists to elevate classic cocktails. Beautiful Girls is a popular drink for those who prefer a rum cocktail. This one blends classic island rum flavors with some tiki culture, a dash of Brazil, and banana. It is served in an island resort glass. Yes, the glassware matters!


Why should a person who has an alcohol-free lifestyle be excluded from the fun? The alcohol free drinks should be just as tasty and fun as the alcoholic ones, so cocktails become mocktails! “I want every person at the party to feel welcome – not awkward! Everyone should be included in the fun, not just those who are drinking alcohol,” says Brendan. He likes clients to have a mocktail signature along with the cocktail signature so the guests have a choice. The team also brings supplies for alcohol-free beverages.

They take great care to create a mocktail with specialty ingredients just like their cocktails. Notice the effort placed into the ingredients of The Southern Charm. This mocktail really gets the 5 star treatment just like the rest of their signature drinks. The blueberry, mint, citrus, and cornbread all stand on their own in this light and super-refreshing drink.

The Southern Charm

2 oz blueberry mint Amethyst (non-alcoholic spirit) – soak one bottle for 24 hours on 70g cornbread (use jalapeno cornbreak for a subtle kick) strain through cheesecloth twice. Refrigerate.

1/2 oz lemon juice

1/4 oz blueberry syrup – vacuum seal 175g blueberry, 2g citric acid, 500g simple syrup (1:1 sugar:water). Place in 142.5 degree water bath for 2 hours. Strain and bottle in airtight container.

Shake ingredients and strain into Collins glass. Top with soda water. Garnish with lemon wheel, mint, sous vide blueberries.

Shaken and Stirred Mixology
Broken Arrow, Fall Harvest, Delores, El Diablo
Carolina Complex


“Our Mixology Classes are energetic and informative but focused on having fun. We bring absolutely everything from all the spirits and fresh juices to the tables, stations, and tools, so all you need to do is open your door. I’ll take it from there. We learn a little spirits history and how/why they mix well together. Everyone crafts the drinks with me.” Brendan enjoys teaching his mixology classes. He loves that people learn while having a wonderful time.

Shaken & Stirred

Brendan moved to the Low Country from Pittsburgh two years ago. He truly believes that every culture has a food and beverage culture and every one is interesting! Shaken & Stirred Mixology has worked with Swanson Signature Events on several weddings, and we enjoy the collaboration. They remain a mobile company so that they can travel all over the Low Country, Coastal Empire, and the Golden Isles. They have even traveled with their mobile bar service to Charleston and Jacksonville.

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