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November 21, 2022

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Custom LED or Neon Signs can personalize your wedding decor with style! Greet each of your friends and family members with a wonderful welcome. Guests will line up to get that iconic photo with your sign – what a sweet photo memory!

Brighten Your Events

Aubrey and Greg Hegarty wanted to use a Custom LED or Neon Sign to put their name in lights for their rehearsal dinner and their wedding reception ~ one sign, two events! The rehearsal dinner was held at The Wyld Dock bar. The wedding reception was held at the Knights of Columbus in Savannah. Now it has found a permanent place above the bar in their home.

Words, Words, Words in Lights

What words can you choose for your Custom Neon Sign? The most popular choice for a Custom LED or Neon sign for a wedding is the new last name of the couple. Remember, no apostrophes needed! ~ The Smiths, The Petersons, The Churches, The Marcheses ~ Another option is Mr. and Mrs. Smith or just Mr. and Mrs. Other options are Just Married, Best Wishes, Congratulations!, or Let’s Party! Keeping the words classic allows you to use the sign in your home for years to come.

Custom LED or Neon Signs

Custom LED or neon signs are a great way to celebrate, but which kind should you choose? LED signs use light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Neon signs use gas-filled tubes. LEDs are more energy-efficient than neon, but neon signs are much brighter. Neon signs are also much more expensive. LED signs are more readily available and more cost effective than neon. Pop Squad Balloons created a backdrop for the fun Let’s Party Sign for the Savannah Wedding Vendors event at Soho South.

Lauren and Philip Hardy chose an LED sign for their wedding, and it created a perfect photo space on the boxwood wall at Victory North in Savannah.

Lauren and Philip || Sowing Clover Photography
Family and Friends || Sowing Clover Photography

Celebrities Love their Names in Lights

The Custom LED Signs are so popular that even celebrities use them! Swanson Signature Events worked with Colin Cowie Lifestyle for the wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Even Ben and JLo had an LED sign to celebrate their wedding!

Photo published in Vogue Magazine

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