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February 21, 2022

The Full Music Experience

Wilton Elder of Super Deluxe

Weddings and events need the full music experience now, and Super Deluxe can do it all. Once known as “Charleston’s Premier Party Band,” Super Deluxe can now do that and more! These musicians can really play, really improvise, and really deliver the goods when a client wants a top-tier band. They serve the coast from Charleston, Hilton Head, and Savannah to the Golden Isles and inland from Atlanta to Greensboro, NC. Super Deluxe can give your guests a full dance party, and they can also provide strings for your ceremony, a mic for your officiant, a jazz trio for cocktail hour, and all other entertainment and production your event desires. Just call Wilton!

Who is Wilton Elder?

We had the enjoyment of working with Wilton Elder then decided to meet for coffee to find out a bit more about this interesting musician. Wilton started Super Deluxe in 2008 because he wanted to hire his own musicians and choose the music they played. They have been in demand all over the Southeast for the last thirteen years. On stage with Super Deluxe, Wilton is the lead male singer and saxophonist. He can sing all your favorites and rap the 90s hip hop songs. He directs the musicians, designs the sound, collaborates with the event coordinator, emcees the event, and fields requests from the guests. 

Super Deluxe Band

It’s all about the music

As a life-long, well-educated musician, the music is paramount to Wilton and to Super Deluxe.  He prefers to be hired early in the event planning process so that he can craft the event soundtrack specifically for the couple. When celebrating at a wedding he wants the style and love of the bride and groom to shine through the music. He does this by getting to know them well!  The key to success for Super Deluxe is this immersive process; clients are always raving about the service, the communication, and especially the music.

Songs you know and love

“We want to continue to be known as a high caliber, top tier, premium live cover band for hire. That’s essentially what Super Deluxe is at its core. We play music that you’ve heard, and we try to play it better than it’s been played before, in our own way, with our own arrangements while honoring the original that you know and love,” Wilton says. “We are a band that people love to see live and love to dance to. Audiences love the band’s energy, look, presence, personality, and sound. What we do is very familiar to people, but they’ve never seen it done quite the way Super Deluxe does it!”

Check them out!

They can play anything. Popular songs from the 1960s to the 2020s make up their extensive repertoire. Classical, jazz, Motown, classic rock, reggae, jamband music, country, and hip hop are just a few of their styles. If you like it, they can play it for you! If you are interested in meeting Wilton and exploring the possibility of having Super Deluxe make your event one that your guests will remember for a very long time, check out their website at or just email Wilton at You will enjoy the conversation and hire them on the spot!

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