Wedding Flowers Become Hospice Smiles

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March 10, 2021

Floral designer Kati Esser delivers wedding flowers to hospice patients and medical staff. She believes that as long as flowers are beautiful, they should be making someone happy. When a wedding is over, the flowers are still fresh and beautiful, so, thanks to Kati, they create new smiles.

Kati creates art through flowers

Kati loves working with brides and grooms. She enjoys the love story of each couple. Kati creates beautiful bouquets and arrangements to suit their style, color palette, and budget. Kati is the rare floral designer who sticks around. She stays to be sure that every floral piece stays beautiful throughout your event. She’s always ready to make any needed adjustments. 

Before COVID, Kati would collect the wedding flowers at the end of the night, rearrange them, and take them to hospital patients. She enjoyed spreading joy to others with the flowers. Things have become much more difficult with the added protocols. The new rules have prevented Kati from going into facilities and sharing flowers with patients. She started taking arrangements to the tellers at her bank, her neighbors, and anyone else who could use a little “pick me up” from a “forget me not!”

Kati gets help from a friend

Misty Harvest of Affinis Hospice took up Kati’s cause and has become instrumental in getting Kati and her flowers where they can do the most good.  Since Misty works at Affinis, she was able to get Kati’s flowers in her facility, then she joined Kati’s delivery team. They deliver the flowers that Kati has rearranged into mason jars to several locations including Riverview Health and Rehab, the Resorts at Pooler, Buckingham South, and Affinis Hospice

Staff members at one of the facilities mentioned that other organizations have brought flowers before.  Unlike Kati’s, those flowers were either tossed into boxes, still in the foam from arrangements, still tied into bouquets, or dead on arrival. They sincerely appreciate how Kati rearranges the flowers so that they are ready to be enjoyed by patients and staff members. 

Brides want their flowers shared

Recently we had a bride who specifically requested that her wedding flowers be sent to hospitals. She wasn’t sure if that was even possible. Since she had not yet chosen her floral designer, we sent her to Kati. They hit it off, and the bride hired Kati for their April wedding. Our bride is very happy knowing that after she enjoys her flowers, others will enjoy them too. 

If you want your flowers to live on beyond your wedding day, give Kati a call!  Kati Esser Designs is one of the recommended floral designers by Swanson Signature Events




Amber Hoecht of Amber Elizabeth Weddings joined Kati and Misty on this delivery day to take photos of the sweet event.

The gorgeous flowers were from the wedding of Whitney Lanier and Kevin Donagi in Savannah, GA. 

The photos include images of Misty Harvest, Lisa Williams, Stan Adams, Giovanni Rivas, and Melissa Singleton. 

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