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May 8, 2021

Hours, Days, Years, Decades… one mom moment. During a wedding the focus is on the Bride and the Groom, as it should be. These two lovebirds have waited for this perfect day when they finally become husband and wife. It is a day that they will remember for the rest of their lives!  A new beginning… for both of them. If you look just beyond the glowing couple you will see a lady or two (or three!) who are experiencing a range of emotions on this day. Moms. Somehow that mom, or stepmom, or foster mom, or like-a-mom, has a full heart that is breaking. She is so proud and happy while she knows she is going to miss that rumble-tumble boy or sweet little girl who used to claim that her lap is his/her “favorite place in the whole world.” Don’t forget to have a special mom moment in that exhilarating, busy day!

Getting Ready

Setting aside a moment for mom must be in your wedding day timeline. The woman who has been used to taking a backseat most of your life needs to be honored today. Brides, have that getting into your gown moment with just your mom. Even grooms can have a special time with mom.  The First Look with Dad is a staple in the Bride’s timeline, but what about a first look of the Groom with his mom?  If you are a mom of boys, you will understand what that special moment would mean!

Lauren Strickland and her mom Inez.

Lauren Strickland and her mom, Inez. ~ Photo Credit || Hulls Photo and Video


Guests give gifts to the Bride and Groom. Brides give gifts to the Bridesmaids. Grooms give gifts to the Groomsmen. What gift can you give your mom? Most Brides and Grooms have a corsage for each mom and grandma. When ordering these flowers, consider their attire. Will a pin-on corsage work on her dress? Would a wrist corsage be more appropriate? If she is having a special up-do, flowers for her hair may be wonderful. If she prefers not to wear flowers, a sweet nosegay to carry would be just right. Brides, if you are getting jewelry for your Bridesmaids, maybe getting your mom a special necklace or bracelet would be a keepsake she could wear long after the wedding day – his mom would love one too!


Each mother has been escorted to her seat on either side of the front row. Before each of their children enter to say their marriage vows, each mom goes to the altar to light the candle for her child. The flame represents the life she gave to her son or daughter. The candles are then ready for the unity candle moment during the ceremony. The Bride and Groom take the candles lit by their mothers and light the center candle demonstrating their joining their two lives into one.

Catholic Marriage Ceremonies often include a moment in which the Bride or Bride and Groom take flowers to the Virgin Mother, Mary. Protestant ceremonies and non-religious ceremonies can honor the mothers of the Couple. After the couple declares their intent to marry, they can give flowers or single roses to their mothers.

Son dancing with his mom on his wedding day for a mom moment.

Kinch Overstreet and his mom, Trish, dancing to “100 Years” by Five for Fighting ~ Photographer || Katie Jaynes Photography


Introduce your mothers at the reception!  They are key players in this event, honor them in this way! If you are dancing, the mother/son dance is a popular way for the groom to honor the first woman he ever loved. We have had several weddings in which the groom has danced with his mother and his step-mother – what a wonderful moment this is! Dear Groom, what song will you choose for this special dance? You may, of course, ask your mom and let her choose, or you could choose a song that is meaningful for you both or demonstrates your love for her.  By all means, get this song to your band or DJ early so that they may have the time to shorten it.  This special dance is lovely, but it should not last longer than 2 minutes! A top notch band or DJ can shorten the song without it sounding unfinished or strange. Our grooms have chosen a variety of songs for this precious mom moment.

“My Wish” Rascal Flatts ~ “You’ll Be in My Heart” Phil Collins ~ “I’ll Be There” Jackson 5 ~ “You’ve Got a Friend” James Taylor ~ “Fires” Jordan St. Cyr ~ “Song for Mama” Boys II Men ~ “There You’ll Be” Faith Hill ~ “Your Smiling Face” James Taylor ~ “Humble and Kind” Tim McGraw ~ “The Best Part of Me” Lee Brice

Rachel ~ Doug ~ Tracy

We have the sincere privilege of witnessing precious mom moments on wedding days quite often, but this one will never be forgotten. Our groom, Doug, planned to have his own First Look with his Mom and Step-Mom as well as a dance for each of these important women in his life. It came time for the Mother/Son Dance, and Doug took the dance floor with his mom, Rachel. They danced to “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. It was lovely. Rachel returns to her seat as Tracy, Doug’s Stepmom, rises to take the dance floor. As Tracy walks toward Doug, she shakes her finger at him as if to say, “Just a minute, you need to wait,” and she followed Rachel to her seat. Tracy tapped Rachel on the shoulder and the two women who shared this wonderful son had a few private words and an embrace that brought tears to everyone. It was only then that Tracy would dance with the wonderful young man she helped to raise.

A son having a mom moment for a first look.

Doug Raggins and his mom Rachel

A mom moment on the dance floor with her son.

Doug Raggins and his mom Rachel dancing to “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.

A groom giving a mom moment to his step-mom.

Doug and his step-mom, Tracy dancing to “Get Here” by Oleta Adams. ~ Photo Credit || Esther Griffin Photography

Make it Special

Every family is different. Every relationship is different. Not every adult has a good relationship with his/her mother, and we understand this. For the wedding, this one day, do what you can to honor the special woman in your life whether she happens to be your biological mother or not. Choose the way that fits your event, your personality, and your relationship. Make a mom moment she will remember forever.

A quote about mom by Mitch Albom


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